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Google successfully made its case to a jury last month that its use of Java APIs in Android was “fair use,” and the verdict rejected Oracle’s claim that the mobile system infringed its copyrights.

After Google argued its case, though, Oracle filed a motion arguing that the judge should decide as a matter of law that fair use didn’t cover it. In the wake of the jury’s pro-Google verdict, Oracle’s motion was its last hope of a trial victory.

It didn’t happen. US District Judge William Alsup shot down the motion on Wednesday. The same order also denied Google’s motion making similar arguments, filed at the close of trial but before the jury’s verdict.

Alsup’s stinging order [PDF], which rejects Oracle’s argument [PDF] on every front, hardly comes as a surprise. But the document provides the first insights as to what Oracle might bring up in an appeal proceeding, which the company has said it…

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