From Global Research:

This just in: Iran doesn’t trust the West. What an outrage!  At least that’s what Washington Post columnist David Ignatius says. But why would Iran not trust the US?

Could they have bitter memories of all of the innocent civilians and soldiers killed by the chemical weapons the US gave Saddam Hussein, specifically, for the purpose? And the fact that the US facilitated the killings by keeping the Iraqis informed of Iranian troop movements, as seen on satellite. Could that make them a bit wary?

Or what about the time the US blew up an Iranian passenger plane — and then tried to cover it up?

Or do they remember when the US replaced Iran’s last democratic ruler with someone more to its liking, the brutal Shah Reza Pahlavi?

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the Shah of Iran from 1941 to 1979. He is shown here with eight American Presidents.  Photo credit: FDR LIbraryNational Archives / WikimediaUnknown / WikimediaUnknown / WikimediaLBJ LibraryNational Archives / WikimediaGerald R. Ford LibraryUnknown / Wikimedia

Could this history explain why Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei describes the US as a “deceitful, crafty, skillful, fraudulent and devilish enemy”?

But back to our Post columnist, a predictable voice of US orthodoxy. He claims that Iran’s hard liners are deliberately conducting economic “sabotage” —  in contravention of claims that nuclear cooperation would foster an opening between the country and the West.

Ignatius cites various detentions of Americans in Iran, but his central example is the arrest of one…

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