From The Washington Times:

Iran is deliberately trying to deceive U.N. inspectors in charge of implementing last summer’s nuclear deal, according to a prominent Iranian dissident group, which claims that Tehran has created a “top-secret committee” to provide false information to the watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency.

According to the National Coalition of Resistance of Iran, the secret committee consists of top officials from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Ministry of Defense Armed Forces Logistics, who are “working to cover up” the potential military dimensions of Iran’s secret nuclear programs.

The NCRI’s claim, revealed to journalists Wednesday, was not immediately verifiable.

The group is known for its controversial history in Washington but is seen to have deep sources inside Iran’s nuclear community. Its members have been credited with major exposes about Tehran’s activities.

Most notably, NCRI claims in the early 2000s exposed the existence of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility and the Arak heavy-water plutonium facility. The two operations later became the center of international scrutiny and distrust toward Tehran’s nuclear activities.

The NCRI report emerged on the same day that the IAEA issued its long-awaited report on Iran’s past nuclear activities, a milestone in the nuclear deal that the Obama administration and its international partners struck with Tehran this summer.

The Vienna-based IAEA concluded that Iran worked in the past on nuclear weapons but its activities didn’t go past planning such a program and testing basic components, in what it described as a final report wrapping up nearly a decade of investigation.



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