From The Anti-Media:

John Vibes
August 17, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Every day, entrepreneurs of the lower class face fines, imprisonment, or the eradication of their businesses—all because their operations are too small to keep up with the licences, regulations, fees and taxes mandated by the government.

It would be entirely impossible for these businesses to stay afloat if they attempted to “go legit,” which is why many entrepreneurs without trust funds or investors are discouraged from trying to make their dreams in business a reality.

Luckily, there are millions out there who are brave enough to break the law and provide services to their neighbors without government interference. Many of these people do it out of necessity—not philosophical principle—but they are freedom fighters nonetheless, and they make up one of the most productive economic sectors in the world.

A recent study from the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign showed that in the city of Los Angeles alone there are over 50,000 street vendors who bring in over a half billion dollars to the local economy every year.

In Los Angeles and many other places, unlicensed vending is against the law, meaning aspiring entrepreneurs could face serious fines or imprisonment for trying to operate their small business. Still, these businesses continue to operate and provide value to their communities. This is a worldwide trend and is not just limited to Los Angeles or the United States.

Economists have labeled this underground, informal economic sector as “System D,” which is derived from the French term “débrouille.” This…

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