From EAG News:

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – Does the Freedom From Religion Foundation want to eliminate teacher- or coach-led prayer at public schools, or does it want to ban prayer from schools altogether?

A recent controversy regarding a high school football team allegedly praying before a game has raised that question. An FFRF lawyer reportedly asked the school superintendent to ban “any and all prayers occurring within any district athletic programs.”

The FFRF, which is based in Madison, Wisconsin, recently sent a letter to the superintendent of the Naperville, Illinois school district, protesting what it interpreted as a coach-led team prayer prior to the Naperville Central High School football team’s game on Nov. 11, according to the Naperville Sun.

Superintendent Dan Bridges responded with a letter of response, saying he “reviewed this allegation and determined that a voluntary prayer intended as a moment of reflection was offered,” according to the Sun.

Nevertheless, Bridges was responsive to the FFRF’s complaint.

He wrote that “Naperville Community Unit School District 203 is aware that a coach-led prayer is not appropriate. The head football coach has been instructed that neither he nor his staff may lead his players in prayer,” the news report said.

“This message has been communicated to the athletic directors at both high schools to ensure that this expectation is shared with coaches of all sports at all levels.”

But that was not good enough for the FFRF. It seemed to seek an assurance that coaches would steer clear of anything that might be construed as religious…

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