An Idaho man says he was shot in the pelvis due to a defect in a Remington Arms handgun design that allows it to discharge even with the safety engaged, according to a complaint filed in federal court last month.

Richard Corbett, of Lemhi County, Idaho, suffered the injury last June when he inserted a magazine into his Remington R51 pistol and it went off without a trigger pull, the lawsuit says.

At the time of the incident, Corbett had the R51 in a holster attached to his hip, so the bullet passed through his abdomen and lodged in his pelvis. Due to his injuries, he spent one month in the hospital and required multiple surgeries, the lawsuit says.

In addition to allegations that the gun can discharge without a trigger pull, Corbett is bringing claims against the gun’s safety features as well.

The R51 is equipped with a passive control called a grip safety, which when depressed enables the trigger but when untouched it disables the firing mechanism completely. However, Corbett says the grip safety failed to work.

“Any firearm, including the R51 pistol, that can fire without a trigger pull and when the safety is not disengaged is defective and unreasonably dangerous,” the lawsuit says.

About a month after Corbett says he suffered his injury, Remington issued a product warning about the R51 pistol but cited performance issues rather than a safety defect.



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