From ArsTechnica:

In District Court on Wednesday, Hunter Moore, the notorious operator of a now-defunct revenge porn website called “,” was sentenced to 30 months in prison on charges of computer hacking and identity theft.

Moore’s site posted nude and/or embarrassing photos of people without their consent, often along with the subjects’ names and other personal information. The site became known as a “revenge porn” website, as jilted exes submitted photos out of revenge. Earlier this year, Moore also pleaded guilty to paying co-conspirator Charles Evans up to $200 per week to steal nude photos from victims by accessing victims’ e-mail accounts through social engineering.

Assistant US Attorney Wendy Wu told Ars in 2014, “Basically, he [Evans] was impersonating these victims’ friends and was able to get confidential information that would allow him to access their accounts.”

As part of the plea agreement, the US Department of Justice dismissed a conspiracy charge, six counts of unauthorized access to a computer, and six counts of identity theft, leaving only one count of unauthorized access and one count of identity theft remaining.

In addition to 30 months in prison, Moore will also spend three years on supervised release, meaning he will have to report…

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