From Blacklistednews:

Although it is fundamentally biased in favor of the West, one good thing about Reuters is its attempt at neutrality regarding its use of the buzz-word “terror”.  Reuters only uses the term and its variants in direct quotes.  This is because, as the head of global news for Reuters said in an internal memo, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.  

Yet, almost all outlets, corporate, mainstream, and independent, fail to rise to the standard standard set by Reuters regarding the term.  While claiming to strive for neutrality, most use it in their own, self-styled “objective” statements.  But as Reuters notes, declaring a person or group to be terroristic is an opinion, an act of editorializing, not a fact.  “Terrorist” is in reality almost exclusively an observer’s term used to demonize others, not to describe one’s self, group, or allies, regardless of how terroristic they may be.     

The outlets that “factually” refer to certain acts, people, or groups as terroristic do not, almost without exception, refer to acts of their favored groups, regardless of their nature, in the same terms, or in language anywhere near as severe and condemnatory as that used for groups currently in disfavor.   

A result of this nearly all-pervasive Western media bias in favor of the West has been to increase the overall amount of international terrorism.

It works in three main ways.

1) By describing it in neutral, positive, or excusing terms, or omitting it entirely, Western media increases the amount of terrorism committed by the West (imperio-terrorism) by conditioning the Western public to…

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