From ArsTechnica:

Aurich LawsonOracle v. Google Oracle slams Google to jury: “You don’t take people’s property” Google’s closing argument: Android was built from scratch, the fair way Oracle v. Google draws to a close, jury sent home until next week CEO Larry Page defends Google on the stand: “Declaring code is not code” Oracle economist: Android stole Java’s “window of opportunity” View all… Oracle’s lawyers have made their final pitch to paint Google as a copyright outlaw, and the decision is now up to a 10-person jury. The jurors are deliberating in a room on the 19th floor of the US Federal Courthouse in San Francisco. Deliberations have gone on for two days now, and the jury will return to court Thursday to continue its debate.

During a 90-minute closing argument on Monday, Oracle attorney Peter Bicks said every fair use factor weighed in Oracle’s favor and that Google’s behavior showed “bad faith.” Here are some of the slides Bicks showed jurors during his closing argument.

We also asked Google for some of the visuals it showed to the jury, but Google declined to provide them. (These in-court visuals aren’t evidence, according to the rules of the court, so it’s up to the parties as to whether or not to show…

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