As more and more machines throughout complex infrastructures communicate with one another, eliminating the possibility of hacking is becoming a top priority.

Production processes are becoming increasingly interconnected with digital communications technologies, opening new gateways for criminals operating on the Internet. The IT Security Technology Field at Siemens Corporate Technology is developing sophisticated solutions to protect against cyber crime and is subjecting them to rigorous testing, in part using its own team of hackers.

IT crime is on the rise. Once mainly limited to individual Internet users, it has become a major threat to industry and business, with damages caused by cyber attacks and industrial espionage already reaching many billions of dollars per year. Many industrial companies are worried that as digital technologies spread and machines and installations become increasingly interconnected along the entire value chain, major additional security risks are being created. But to make their production faster and more flexible, and to keep it cost-effective, they have to convert their previously largely self-contained facilities into open production systems. It’s a dilemma for which Dr. Rolf Reinema has a ready answer: “If industry uses an overarching and consistent security concept, the risks are manageable.” Reinema, who is responsible for the IT Security Technology Field at Siemens Corporate Technology (CT), heads a group of IT experts focused on developing comprehensive security solutions for Siemens’ businesses.

Ferreting out vulnerabilities

“In the past, gates and alarm systems protected factories. Today, on the other hand, the top priority for those responsible…

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