From The Washington Times:

Despite facing off against billionaire businessman Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton may be the candidate whose ties to Wall Street become a real problem, and a clear majority of voters now say the former first lady should release transcripts of her high-priced private speeches to top financial firms.

A poll by the media company Morning Consult released Wednesday found that nearly two-thirds of voters think Mrs. Clinton should make public those speeches, including three she delivered at Goldman Sachs after leaving the State Department. Mrs. Clinton was paid $625,000 for those speeches, and her refusal to make their content public seems to play into the broader idea that she is dishonest and has something to hide, analysts say.

The former secretary of state has brushed off calls to release the transcripts despite heavy pressure from her presidential primary rival, Sen. Bernard Sanders. Mr. Sanders’ attacks seem to have resonated with a near majority in her party: 47 percent of Democratic voters say Mrs. Clinton should release the transcripts, the survey found.

Political analysts say the Goldman Sachs speeches are likely to remain an issue in Mrs. Clinton’s general election fight against Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The speeches, they say, are perhaps the greatest example of Mrs. Clinton’s ties to Wall Street. Those ties have left many progressives skeptical of the candidate and have fueled the notion that she is beholden to the political and financial establishment.

Over the coming months, attempts to paint Mr. Trump as an elitist…

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