From Newsmax:

Hillary Clinton’s private email server was turned over to the FBI on Wednesday after news broke that two of the classified emails found on the servers were “Top Secret.”

The New York Times reported that Clinton instructed aides to give the FBI the server along with the thumb drive that contained copies of the emails.

Barbara Wells, an attorney for Denver-based computer services firm Platte River Networks, which took control of Clinton’s server after their private email network was updated in 2013, told The Washington Post that federal agents picked up the server from a data center in New Jersey on Wednesday.

“Justice Department is investigating … Clinton’s private email server”

But Wells told the paper that the server “was blank” and did not contain any useful information.

“The information had been migrated over to a different server for purposes of transition,” Wells told the Post. “To my knowledge, the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control.”

The Justice Department is investigating whether classified information was illegally stored or passed through Clinton’s private email server during her correspondences as secretary of state.

In addition to the server, the FBI also got hold of a thumb drive from Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, which had copies of work emails that were on the server.

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