In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:

Hackers Take a Swipe at California Wineries

Payment software used by 70 Northern California sellers was breached, handing wine drinkers’ personal and financial data to crooks.

On May 27, Missing Link Networks Inc., a direct-to-consumer sales software company, alerted wineries that use its eCellar products to the incident. The compromise apparently occurred in April.

The breach exposed information from credit cards swiped at winery point-of-sale devices, entered on winery websites, or kept on file for club shipments.

Misogynist Hackers Allegedly Leaked Addresses from Motherhood Website

A hacking group going by the Twitter name @DadSecurity appears to have posted personal information on members of an online forum hosted by parenting site 

A number of fake messages already have been published under users’ names.

DadSecurity claims to have posted the passwords of 3,000 Mumsnet users online. All of the site’s 7.7 million users will be required to change their passwords.

Mumsnet is scorned by some fathers’ groups that claim the site pursues an “anti-male agenda.” But one of the site’s biggest critics, Fathers4Justice, condemned the Web assault and claimed to have no connection to the hackers. Customers: Check Your Credit Card Statements

While conducting regular security operations Aug. 13, the website-hosting company discovered unauthorized activity.

The intrusion was uncovered the same day it occurred. Still, the attackers potentially accessed client credit card data, including the name and address attached to the credit cards.

Crooks Nab Payment Details from Fred’s…

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