Second Amendment activists are putting on an “Open Carry walk and Crisis Performance Event” near the campus of the University of Texas and not everyone is happy about it.

The event, according to organizers from Come And Take It Texas and, is meant to put pressure on politicians and anti-gun groups to help ease and eliminate gun free zones, a subject of fierce debate on UTs campus.

“These target rich environments are letting our children be murdered by evil people. Now is the time to stand up, take a walk, and put pressure on politicians to ban Gun Free Zones,” reads a statement by event organizers seeking both crisis actors for the performance and attendees.

Matthew Short, a spokesman for the gun rights groups, explained to the Austin American-Statesman the performance would be a simulated mass shooting involving stage blood, gun noises broadcast through bullhorns and role-players serving as victims, active shooters and rescuers armed with cardboard guns.

Originally planned to take place in publicly accessible areas on campus, the event will likely be staged on Guadalupe Street, adjacent to campus after push back from UT officials involved public warnings of potential criminal trespass charges.

“We will move forward with the event on the adjacent public land using UT as the backdrop,” said Come And Take It Texas founder Murdoch Pizgatti.

After a series of compromises, a measure to allow licensed concealed handgun permit holders to carry their guns on public college campuses passed the state legislature…

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