NRA certified firearms instructor Charles Hiltunen delivers basic pistol training to Indiana guardsmen (Charles Hiltunen/AP)

The Brady Campaign and others are slamming the decision by Gov. Mike Pence (R) to allow free National Firearms Association instructors to train state guard members in civilian concealed carry courses.

Following a domestic terror attack on Navy and Marine personnel in Chattanooga  last month that left four service members dead, a cascade of state governors authorized increased security for national guard members under their jurisdiction to include, in some cases, the carry of weapons.

Pence moved forward with a plan to allow Indiana Army and Air National Guard Members to carry personal concealed weapons provided they had a valid permit and received training.

“Quite simply, I will not allow our citizen soldiers to remain unable to defend themselves and our citizens at facilities around the state,” Pence said in July. “Those who serve in the Indiana Army and Air National Guard, and their families, make great sacrifices for the people of Indiana. They deserve nothing less than our best efforts to see to their safety and security, and that is the very foundation of my decision.”

However, after the NRA stepped in to provide free certified instructors, some cried felts it was partisan politics at play.

“There is no institution better equipped to train our servicemen and women than the US military itself,” Dan Gross, the Brady Campaign’s president, told the Associated Press. “This is not a job for lobbyists.”

The AP conducted…

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