From The Washington Times:

A former Guantanamo inmate whom the Obama administration released on assurances that he would not go back to terrorism has emerged as a top al Qaeda leader in a video urging Muslims to kill Americans.

Ibrahim al-Qosi has resurfaced as a committed terrorist while President Obama and congressional Republicans engage in a battle over the fate of the U.S. military prison in Cuba and its 107 remaining inmates. Mr. Obama has vowed to close the facility and may transfer to the U.S. the remaining prisoners, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

For nearly seven years, he has met stiff opposition from Republicans, either on grounds that the inmates are too dangerous to be moved or that the White House has failed to submit a plan on how the closing and transfers would be accomplished.

Al-Qosi, whom the Defense Department released in 2012 into the custody of his native Sudan, has become chief spokesman for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and one of its scholars who justify violence in the name of the Koran.

Based in Yemen, AQAP has a dedicated mission to attack the U.S. homeland. It nearly succeeded in bringing down an airliner over Michigan in 2009 using a bomb hidden in its operative’s underwear.

The Middle East Media Research Institute captured, translated and released a new AQAP video that features al-Qosi for the first time.

The institute quoted al-Qosi as justifying “individual jihad” — meaning lone wolves willing to kill Americans.



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