Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) on Friday vowed to drop veto ink on legislation that would allow concealed carry in some gun free zones.

The two measures, introduced in September, would end the curious practice that permit holders could only carry in these designated pistol free zones if their weapon was visible and replace it with one in which CPL holders could apply for an exemption to the zones themselves. The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 4-1 Republican-heavy vote last month.

Snyder, who vetoed a similar bill in 2012, this week told radio talk show host Steve Gruber, “I stand by that decision,” and affirmed when pressed that he would veto the latest attempt to expand legal concealed carry into gun free zones saying, “I’ve done it before.”

Snyder contends that unless a proposal allows for local control over gun free zones, he would be against it.

Gun control groups such as the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence acclaimed word of Snyder’s promised veto, calling it “great news.”

The two bills under threat, Republican Sen. Mike Green’s SB 442 and Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof’s SB 561, allow for an exemption to gun free zones for permit holders who apply for and are granted an endorsement. This form of “enhanced carry” is in use in other states such as Mississippi where permit holders obtain additional training and then, after providing a certificate from a state-approved instructor, are granted an endorsement, which allows legal carry inside most places…

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