From The Washington Times:

Under a little-noticed provision in the new law to compensate U.S. victims of terrorism, taxpayers are stepping up to pay what the nations responsible for the terror attacks will not.

A section of the legislation that President Obama signed into law on Dec. 18, just before leaving for a Hawaiian vacation, sets up a “United States Victims of State Sponsors of Terrorism Fund” that is paid for with a $1.025 billion appropriation from the U.S. Treasury.

The fund will provide $4.4 million in compensation for each of the 53 Americans who were held hostage for 444 days by Iran after the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in 1979. The fund will also provide another $600,000 for a spouse or child of each hostage.

In addition, the new fund will also pay up to $20 million to victims of state-sponsored terrorism who received final court judgments against such countries as Iran, Cuban, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.

However, none of this money will be paid directly by Iran or other state sponsors of the attacks against the victims.

The legislation sets aside $3.8 billion of a $9 billion civil settlement the Department of Justice collected this summer from French bank BNP Paribas over sanctions violations, but the rest of the money will come from future settlements over sanctions violations — and taxpayers.

Some watchdog groups are questioning why U.S. taxpayers must come up with billions of dollars while Iran and other guilty parties refuse to pay a dime, and the administration has not looked to assets from…

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