From The Washington Times:

Taxpayers are forking over $27 million next year for federally funded arts projects that include a performance by a San Francisco drag queen, art installations with climate change themes and theater plays that showcase food stamps, President Obama’s immigration amnesty, lesbianism and gun rights opposition.

The National Endowment for the Arts, the federal agency that provides government assistance for artistic endeavors across the country, announced its latest round of grants for fiscal year 2016 last week, leaving some spending critics in disbelief.

The grants include:

$10,000 for the world premiere of “Cocked,” a play about a pair of lesbians whose anti-gun attitudes are challenged when a relative comes to visit in Chicago.

$30,000 to help support a miniseries in San Francisco titled “Gender in Transition,” by drag queen Monique Jenkinson, also known as “Fauxnique.”

$35,000 for “affordable housing and sustainable communities for San Francisco artists.”

$20,000 to support a series of public art presentations “on the theme of climate change” in Minneapolis.

$30,000 to support the continuing development and production of Ping Chong Company’s “Collidescope: Further Adventures in Pre and Post Racial America.” The artists will further develop a “multidisciplinary work that is inspired in part by the killings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.”

Spending watchdogs say the NEA is already one of the biggest money pits in the federal government, but projects like these push a political agenda that should be funded only by citizens.

“On the spectrum of wasteful government spending, this…

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