Furniture Brands

Furniture brands offer a unique insight into consumer spending habits afforded by few other markets. Furniture designs range from cheap furniture you can pick up from WalMart and IKEA to luxury furniture from brands like Lexington and Bernhardt. Consumers think long and hard before buying furniture, and their willingness to spend is often an indicator of several economic factors. Quality furniture doesn’t come cheap, and those with positive economic perceptions often tend to buy the best furniture. Under dire economic situations, people hardly buy any furniture at all. watching the trends of this market can help predict the global economy—or at least describe it a little more fully.

Furniture Brands Attract Attention

Have you ever truly seen a piece of furniture designed by a luxury furniture manufacturer? The difference is profound, yet most aren’t appreciative of such nuances. Furniture is largely ignored by younger buyers, as well as older buyers. Those in the 30-65 range are typically the consumers most-likely to spend money on furniture. Furniture brands know this, and ensure to keep up with current design trends and styles.

As seen in this list of furniture brands, many of the largest furniture manufacturers have been in business for 90+ years a piece! These brands and companies have well-since understood how to adjust to shifting furniture demands. Buying furniture online can be a great experience, and many of these luxury furniture brands can be had for near-wholesale pricing. If you’re redecorating or working with an interior designer to improve the design of your home, you should sit down with them and shop for the furniture online. Some large retail outlets like Furnitureland South offer very low pricing as well, but most local furniture stores have high markups.

Quality Atmosphere

Furniture can set a tremendous tone when it is considered with great thought. The best furniture brands in the world work hard to design beautiful products, but they also work hard to design useful products. Newer furniture designed with modern technology in mind features charging stations, usb ports, LAN connections, and a whole host of Millennial generation considerations. Many furniture brands know that their products are only as good as the market decides they are, and these companies spend vast resources communicating with local and regional buyers to help stay current with consumer demand. Sites like Wayfair and Amazon have really brought furniture into the online retail space, and wholesale is now pretty much an option for anyone.

Home design is tough—it’s a lot to consider, and if you don’t have the finances to do it all at once it’s easy to lose sight of overall design. Working with a professional interior designer can greatly help you establish a timeline for the furniture you want to buy, the paints, the accessories, and all the small details that often get overlooked. Having a plan is one thing, but being able to execute on it is another. Understanding that certain furniture brands are far superior to others can help ease your process. For example, if you know that you have a budget of $2000 for all your bedroom furniture, you can look to brands like Liberty Furniture or Universal furniture and get a lot of bang for your buck. If you’ve got a budget in the $5000-10,000 range, you can look to brands like Bernhardt, Hooker, and even Lexington Furniture to provide truly amazing furniture.