From EAG News:

PHILADELPHIA – A fired Philadelphia teacher with a penchant for cursing and talking about sex with students was reinstated with back pay after a judge reversed his termination because school officials didn’t follow proper procedures.

Commonwealth Court Judge Anne E. Covey wrote in an opinion that the court “does not condone” the conduct of former Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical School teacher Ellis Jones, but it is “duty bound” to reinstate him “until the district properly terminates his employment in accordance with the School Code,” reports.

The School District of Philadelphia terminated Jones in August 2009 without a full, mandatory hearing mandated by the Public School Code for tenured teachers for “speaking unprofessionally to his students, including using foul language and inappropriate discussion topics such as sex,” according to court documents cited by the news site.

Assistant teachers, tutors, mentors, and students in Jones’ class confirmed the teacher’s misconduct, and Jones himself “admitted to making some statements, but asserted that they were taken out of context and were misrepresented in others. He also maintained that he was trying to create an atmosphere of rapport with his students,” Covey wrote.

Jones appealed his termination and former State Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresque ordered him to be temporarily reinstated for 14-months, a ruling that was appealed by both the district and Jones in 2013, which prompted the review by a Commonwealth Court panel, PennLive reports.

According to the site:

As a tenured teacher, Jones was entitled to the full disciplinary review…

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