From The Washington Post:

Donald Trump’s had a rough couple of weeks since the GOP convention. A string of self-inflicted controversies and plummeting poll numbers have some observers speculating about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton blowout in November.

Trump is facing some polling difficulties not because Hillary Clinton is particularly popular but because he is proving to be surprisingly unpopular among Republicans. And a recent Reddit thread provides some fascinating first-person testimonials to back that up.

In the popular AskReddit section of the site, a user posted the following question: “Former Trump supporters of reddit, what was the final straw for you?“

Reddit users tend to be younger, more male, and more left-leaning and libertarian than the population at large, so this is by no means a scientific or representative sample. But the responses do highlight a couple of points of frustration with Trump among people who had once been inclined to support him. Some themes stand out.

His temperament is a big turnoff.

GhostalMedia said “I was on the maybe fence for a while. I liked the idea that he didn’t give a f***, wasn’t being pressured by lobbyists, and had some party agnostic ideas.” Now, the user says, “I’m over it. He’s a textbook demagogue. Blame the media if they point out lies, appeal to anger, blame the others, and dance confidently in front of the camera.”

Hyon420 agreed. “I’m with you 100%. I really wanted the anti-politician, not the anti-human.” Asked to elaborate by another user, Hyon420 elaborated: “The system is so corrupt that I crave an outsider. Hillary (and the Clinton Foundation) are openly …

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