From Reuters:

He rides a Canada goose, slays a dragon and fist bumps an alien – and that’s just in the first 30 seconds of Wyatt Scott’s campaign video for the upcoming Canadian federal election.

Scott, an independent who is running to represent a region of rural British Columbia in the Oct. 19 vote, posted the attention-grabbing video on YouTube in mid-June, but it went viral this week after being shared widely in online forums.

“I’m here to fight for Canada,” Scott proclaims in the special-effect-heavy clip, jumping from the back of a giant Canada goose to stab a dragon through its head. (here)

The 37-year-old Scott then saves a falling man and fist bumps an alien, all while outlining his views on the high cost of university and calling for expanded social services, along with more support for Canada’s aboriginal people.

While not as slick as the ads from Canada’s major parties, Scott’s on-screen antics could give Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire seeking the Republican nomination for president in the U.S. election, a run for his money.

The bizarre video, which was produced by students recruited on Craigslist, is an effort to get people engaged in the campaign, Scott told Reuters.

“Obviously, we wanted to get some attention on what we’re doing here, so we came up with a clever little video,” he said.

Running as an independent means that while Scott, an entrepreneur and young father, does not have the support of a major party behind him, he is free to tailor his platform…

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