From Open Secrets:

After a season that brought just one defeat between them, the top two teams in college football will face off tonight in Phoenix for the national championship. Partisans of the University of Alabama and Clemson University (and we have one of each here at CRP) have placed their bets, put on their lucky underwear, prayed a bunch and are ready to crack open some beers.

The coach of the winning team will have not only bragging rights but possibly leverage to negotiate an even larger salary packages than he now receives. According to USA Today, Nick Saban, who helms the Crimson Tide, currently is paid more than $7 million a year, leading all of his peers nationwide. Tigers Coach Dabo Swinney? He makes less than half that, but still a princely sum at about $3.3 million.

Others connected to the two universities can only hope that some of the increase in alumni and other money that championship schools draw will be available for other programs. There to help them will be their lobbyists in the nation’s capital. Alabama was Van Scoyoc Associates’ second largest university client and fifth largest client overall in 2014, having paid $280,000 to the firm. The firm lobbies for nearly 30 universities. For state schools, especially, the investment in lobbying makes sense: State educational funding has yet to recover since the Great Recession in 2008 and universities have become increasingly dependent on federal money. According to U.S. News, Alabama’s state funding has declined by about…

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