From Open Secrets:

A super PAC based in Alexandria, Va. first caught scrutiny months ago when it received a mysterious contribution from a Florida-based limited liability company. In November, the company, Evermarine LLC, had given $100,000 to Conservatives for Effective Government — by far the group’s largest contribution, but which it forwarded on within 48 hours to the super PAC supporting Sen. Marco Rubio‘s presidential run.

The double contribution seemed fishy to some. The donor says it was a mistake. But what went unreported about the luxury yacht vendor run by Florida businessman Lou Sola was that it arranged a large infusion of cash from the federal government less than two months before making its $100,000 political contribution, again highlighting the trickiness with giving to a super PAC through an LLC.

Formed in Florida by Sola in December 2014, Evermarine had previously existed in Panama, records show, where Sola, a U.S. citizen, was stationed in the Army. Sola’s business exporting yachts and other Florida-made boating products got a boost about nine months later, when records show that the Export-Import Bank of the United States loaned Evermarine LLC nearly $400,000. The transactions show up in a database of Ex-Im’s authorizations.

The Bank, often a political football in Washington (some argue it’s wasteful corporate welfare, others argue it’s indispensable to small business) exists to help finance exports normally too risky for commercial lenders.

The bank activated Evermarine’s line of credit on Sept. 24, 2015: 279 days after Sola established the company in Florida, 40 days before Evermarine’s $100,000 contribution to Conservatives for Effective Government and 41 days before that money…

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