From EAG News:

FORT MEYERS, Fla. – A Florida teen alleges he was suspended for two days after school officials deemed his rosary “gang-related” and he refused to remove it while in class.

NBC 2 reports officials at Gateway Charter School asked student Christopher Roberts three times to remove a rosary and the teen was resolute in his response.

“It’s not happening,” he said. “I’m not going to take it off.”

Roberts was taken in by is now mother Shannon a few months ago after a troubled childhood, and she introduced him to Catholicism to help him find his bearings. She said Roberts took the religion to heart, and has since kept a rosary with him at all times.

“He came from a difficult background, and when children come from difficult backgrounds, they cling to faith,” Shannon said, adding she expected he would bring the rosary to school.

“That’s what he has in the middle of chaos in his world,” she told the news site. “So no, I’m not surprised. I support him for wanting to have that right.”

School officials allege the rosary constitutes a dress code violation, and they asked Roberts to either tuck it in his shirt, or remove it, but he repeatedly refused.

“I think he could have been more diplomatic,” Shannon said, “but yes, I am proud of him.”

Roberts said Gateway officials cited several reasons the rosary violates the school’s dress code, including prohibitions against “jewelry that could likely cause injury,” “apparel or symbols that…

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