From Torrent Freak:

At the start of the new year the TF news desk often wonders how things can become even more extreme than the year before.

Today we decided to share some of these thoughts with you.

Granted, predicting the future isn’t an easy task, but the predictions below give plenty of food for thought and discussion.

Copyright Holders Will Sue Chrome and Firefox

This is an easy one really. After pursuing legal action against hundreds of thousands of people, many website operators, software developers, and even a large U.S. Internet provider, it’s only a small step to take.

Initially the RIAA and friends considered going after BitTorrent Inc., but web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla’s FireFox pose an even greater threat. In their complaint the righsholders will blame the browsers for granting unrestricted access to millions of copyrighted works, through torrent, streaming, file-hosting and linking sites.

Popcorn Time for Recipes

Popcorn Time sells. We’ve seen Popcorn Time applications for TV and movies, for music and even for porn. Copyright holders and tracking companies also jumped on the bandwagon and used the Popcorn Time brand to sell their schemes.

The Popcorn mania reached unprecedented levels in 2015 and it won’t end in the new year. During the months to come we’ll witness the launch of various new spin-offs including a Popcorn Time for recipes, allowing users to browse an advertising-free library of some of the hottest cooking instructions.

ISPs will disconnect millions of “pirating” subscribers

This is another shoe-in. A…

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