From EAG News:

SEATTLE – A Seattle high school teacher was shown the door recently after she was busted for drinking and failing to properly supervise students on a school field trip this spring.

Garfield High School veteran teacher Carol Burton was fired from Seattle Public Schools Friday based on a district investigation into a field trip with students to New Orleans in March, when two girls reported they were groped by a male classmate, The Seattle Times reports.

The popular choir teacher told ABC 7 she admitted to school officials she had a few drinks over the course of the 5-day trip with 39 students and admitted to ignoring district rules about allowing boys and girls into each other’s hotel rooms during the stay.

“I had 2 ½ alcoholic beverages on this trip and they are, without a doubt, the most expensive drinks I’ve ever had in my life. They are costing me my career,” Burton said. “And for some reason those two drinks seem to be more important than 14 years of service.”

Superintendent Larry Nyland confirmed in a statement that Burton violated the district’s field trip policy by “allowing chaperones to consume alcohol, allowing boys and girls inside each other’s hotel rooms, ignoring curfew and no random room checks conducted after curfew.”

Burton told King 5 after a meeting with district officials in June that the boy alleged to have groped two girls during the field trip had a prior history of problems school officials failed to…

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