From Ready Nutrition:

ReadyNutrition Readers, Survivalists, Preppers, and Homesteaders, lend me your ears!  I come to give you some pointers Montana land for a survival retreat, and a plug for myself in the bargain.  Why not?  And what would that plug be?  I have a piece of property for sale that would suit the interests of any off-grid, homesteading prepper who really wants to settle in the “American Redoubt” out of the way of the coming maelstrom.  Here are the basics on my property for sale:

20 Acres, private, off-grid, water rights, two-story cabin with woodstove, barn, shed, goat pen, tool room with workbenches, two-story chicken coop, gigantic root cellar, and two more storage buildings on site.  Low property taxes, as all structures are above-ground with no foundation and aren’t assessed.  $100K worth of timber on the site.  4,300 feet elevation, the mountains of the North Fork of Montana.  Other “perks,” we can discuss.  Serious inquiries only.  E-mail Jeremiah Johnson here, for more, and “let’s make a deal!” I would be delighted to meet you and show you everything if you come out here.” Also: I’m not moving out of Montana; I have another place close by.

 There.  Someone once wrote that I just offer advice.  Well, here’s more.  I invite you to “play ball” in my neck of the woods.  Montana is excellent as a retreat location, seriously.  The property taxes outside of the small cities and towns are not excessive, and the land is not as expensive as many of the other states that are in the “Great American Redoubt.”  Let’s give you some more reasons to move to Montana as a retreat location.  Open carry is permitted, and concealed carry without a permit is legal and allowed everywhere except in an established town, and even there it is permitted when you’re in your vehicle and traveling with it as such from one place to another.

In Montana, if you have a Montana driver’s license, you can purchase a firearm and walk out the door with no waiting period.  In addition, private sales are legal and require no call-ins or background checks.  Just a handshake and exchange of the money and the firearm.  You go your way and the seller goes his.  Big Daddy Government has nothing to do with it.

In Montana if you build a house that is not on a foundation, you pay no property taxes on it…only for the land (as such is the case with my property for sale).  In Montana, if you want to live outside of a town (a must!) you don’t have any building codes or restrictions on what you put up.  You can live in a tent, a tarpaper shack, or a stone villa…you aren’t interfered with in any way.  Home improvements do not require any permits, licenses or any other garbage.  No zoning requirements, no restrictions.  None.

The population density is low (except during the tourist season), and believe you me, if you live anywhere in Western Montana (especially the…

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