From The Tenth Amendment Center:

A heated debate in an Oklahoma county Sheriff’s race shows two contrasting mentalities common among elected officials. In this case, we have a Constitutional Sheriff who takes his oath very seriously going toe-to-toe against a big government centralizer repeating the federal propaganda no matter how absurd it may be.

After the previous Canadian County Sheriff retired, two veterans of the department are running to be the successor. The race is between Joshua Moore, a self-described constitutional conservative who worked as a patrol sergeant and an investigator at the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, and Chris West, the present Canadian County Undersheriff.

Moore has received the endorsement of Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s Association as well as the Gun Owners of America. His primary campaign issue is to ban civil asset forfeiture. On the other hand, West boasts about his ‘tough on crime’ credentials, touts endorsements from Oklahoma bureaucrats and law enforcement officials, and promises more enforcement power if he is elected.

The stark differences between these two candidates became abundantly clear during a recent exchange regarding federal partnerships with the county Sheriff’s office. Moore pointed out that the Sheriff’s office is working with the federal government, bemoaning the cost and constitutional questions stemming from the agreement. West confirmed that Moore’s accusation was indeed true, but tried to downplay the potential harm involved with the arrangement.

The Mustang Times reported on the race that will ultimately be decided by Canadian County voters on June 28:


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