From Blacklistednews:

The federal government has decided that Americans don’t need to know what’s in their food. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said recently that it would not require labeling of genetically modified plants that have been approved for sale.

“The agency is not aware of any valid scientific information showing that foods derived from genetically engineered plants, as a class of foods, differ from other foods in any meaningful way. GE (genetically engineered) foods don’t present greater safety concerns than foods developed by traditional plant breeding,” the agency said.

“However, if a food derived from a genetically engineered plant is materially different from its traditional counterpart, the labeling of that food must disclose such differences,” the FDA said.

That would mean, for example, that canola oil genetically engineered to contain more lauric acid must be labeled “lauric canola oil.” Most Americans would have no idea what that means.

“Similarly, soybean oil containing higher levels of oleic acid than conventional soybean oil must be labeled ‘high oleic soybean oil’,” FDA said. [1]

In issuing new guidelines to food makers about how to describe their products and that they may or may not be genetically engineered, the FDA said it could not require companies that make GM foods to indicate on their labels that the products are modified, but companies are free to do so voluntarily.

Federal health regulators said the label “GMO,” which stands for genetically modified organisms, is too broad and sometimes inaccurate. The word “organisms” is especially troublesome to…

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