From Reason:

Credit: matthrono / photo on flickrThe massive inaccuracy of federal figures tracking the number of people killed by police has been a focus of news coverage for the past two years. The FBI’s numbers are so inaccurate and dependent on voluntary participation by states and law enforcement agencies that about half are missing. This year, both The Washington Post and The Guardian launched their own independent counts. The Washington Post reports more than 900 police-caused deaths in 2014 so far. The FBI only records about 400 a year.

The FBI has finally announced it is going to revamp and expand its system of tracking police encounters that turn violent with the intent to completely replace the current system by 2017. The Washington Post got the exclusive:

The new effort will go beyond tracking fatal shootings and, for the first time, track any incident in which an officer causes serious injury or death to civilians, including through the use of stun guns, pepper spray and even fists and feet.

“We are responding to a real human outcry,” said Stephen L. Morris, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, which oversees the data collection. “People want to know what police are doing, and they want to know why they are using force. It always fell to the bottom before. It is now the highest priority.” …

Morris said the data will also be “much more granular” than in the past and will probably include the gender and race…

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