From Reuters:

The Union Jack (R) and the European Union flag are seen flying outside The Rock hotel in the British Colony of Gibraltar, May 19, 2016. Reuters/Jon Nazca

Forget the opinion polls and betting odds, one English farmer has his own way of predicting the outcome of Britain’s looming referendum on whether to stay in the European Union or leave – racing his miniature pigs.

The pigs of Pennywell Farm in Devon successfully predicted the outcome of Britain’s national election last year and are again fighting it out on the track in some political racing that rival the “Remain” and “Leave” sides’ own campaign battles.

Prime Minister David Cameron is leading the “In” campaign and former London mayor Boris Johnson, also from the ruling Conservative Party, is urging Britons to vote “Out” in the June 23 referendum.

As the latest polls show growing momentum for the “Leave” camp, the farm in southwest England is putting four pigs to the test each afternoon on a 150 yard (137m) long course, with both sides represented.

Racing for the “Remain” camp are ‘David Hameron’ and ‘George Hogsborne’, a play on the name of finance minister George Osborne. For the “Leave” camp the racers are ‘Boar-is Johnson’ and ‘Iain Duncan Sniff’, a reference to leading Eurosceptic and Conservative ex-cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith.

Monday kicked off the farm’s first “referendum race” despite dense fog hanging over the track.

“I think this is most appropriate weather for this occasion,” Pennywell…

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