From Open Secrets:

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign committee, Carson America, spent nearly $1 million in the months of April and May, including payments to a number of former Carson staffers for “political strategy” consulting.

Carson suspended his campaign on March 4 and has since stumped for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, whom he endorsed on March 11.

During April and May, Carson America spent $907,498, of which $272,831 went to political strategy consultants and their travel; that includes $69,080 in May alone. The campaign laid out an additional $123,627 for other forms of consulting — legal, financial, compliance, and digital — for a grand total of $396,458 spent on consulting over the two months.

Former Carson America staffers fared well, chalking up lots of consulting fees. The big bucks went to those in Carson’s inner circle. Bob Dees, the neurosurgeon’s former campaign chairman, took home $42,582. Gary Michael Brown, his former political director, was paid $30,371. Through April and May, former operations director Renee Burchard was paid $18,700.

Ed Brookover, senior strategist turned campaign manager, received $26,359.78, all of it in April — though he was also being paid by the Trump campaign, to which he became a senior adviser on March 11, the same day Carson endorsed Trump. Brookover took in $11,725 from Donald J. Trump for President in April.

Along with $20,500 for political strategy consulting, campaign treasurer Logan Delany snagged an additional $41,872 in accounting fees through his firm Delany Capital Management — although those payments are easier to understand…

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