From EAG News:

LA CROSSE, Wis. – When a contractor’s truck at the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse sported a Confederate flag across its grille in November, one official was quick to condemn the contractor, call for the flag’s removal, and – it turns out – even asked for an informal police investigation into the matter. E-mails obtained by the LaCrosse Tea Party show Paula Knudson, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the school, went farther than previously known in her efforts to get the flag removed and the contractor punished.

Upon learning of the flag’s presence on campus, Knudson e-mailed Doug Pearson, the head of Facilities Planning and Management for the school, to ask that the contractor be told the flag needed to go. The contractor quickly and willingly complied and Knudson went on to e-mail the entire UWL campus – students and faculty – to express her regret over the incident and say that she was “personally. . . offended and. . . very sorry for the fear and angst caused by its presence.” [Emphasis added]

At the same time, e-mails reveal, Knudson e-mailed pictures of the truck to interim UW-LaCrosse Police Chief Scott McCullough with the subject line “License please?” After reading Knudson’s campus-wide missive, McCullough responded to say he read her e-mail to mean that there was no longer any need for police action since the flag had been removed.

McCullough also went on to reference another incident with yet another truck that displayed the Confederate flag and urged Knudson…

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