From EAG News:

RICHMOND, Va. – Despite evidence showing homeschool students outperform their public school peers in academics, and a growing movement of parents educating their own children, Virginia Union University professor Matthew Lynch claims “the jury is still out” on the effectiveness of homeschooling.

Lynch doesn’t think many parents have what it takes to teach their children at home, and believes parents should undergo rigorous training programs before they’re granted the privilege, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

“To have a high school diploma and all of a sudden start teaching students or teaching your own child? Even though you have their best interest at heart and you may want the best for them, you may not be able to provide that,” Lynch said.

“Without that type of rigorous training, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable allowing somebody to home-school their kids.”

Lynch, an education “expert” as dean of Virginia Union’s school of education, stands in defiance of a growing number of families in Virginia and across the United States who are opting for home education.

In Virginia alone, more than 32,000 students were homeschooled, which the state permits with permission from their local school district. The state regulations also require that parents have a high school degree and meet specific state requirements to teach their children and report their progress, according to the news site.

The National Home Education Research Institute reports the number of American students educated at home this year was 2.3 million, an increase of about 300,000 since 2010.

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