From The Washington Times:

Donald Trump said Wednesday that an inspector general’s finding that Hillary Clinton’s email broke State Department rules was “not good,” and he renewed his attack on the former Cabinet official as “crooked.”

But Sen. Bernard Sanders, Mrs. Clinton’s first hurdle on her path to the White House, took a different path, signaling he would not use the devastating report to impugn the front-runner in the Democratic primary race.

“This is not something that needs to be kicked around the political arena,” Jeff Weaver, Mr. Sanders‘ campaign manager, told CNN just hours after the report was sent to Congress and began to leak to the press.

The inspector general concluded that Mrs. Clinton broke department rules by not storing the records, by not reporting attempted hacks of her server and by sending sensitive information over her own devices and through her server.

The report ricocheted around Capitol Hill, where Republicans said it was more evidence for her trying to bend the rules, even as Democrats said other State Department secretaries used personal email accounts — though not their own servers — to conduct government business.

“The inspector general’s report, not good,” Mr. Trump, the likely Republican nominee, said as he rallied supporters in Anaheim, California.

He said things are getting so bad for Mrs. Clinton politically that Democrats may use their convention to try to dump her and recruit Vice President Joseph R. Biden as their nominee over Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders.

“I hear they’re going to actually slip Joe…

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