From The Hill:

The Department of Defense (DOD) is proposing reforms to its military justice system, including new offenses and updated sentencing.
In a legislative proposal, DOD is recommending Congress strengthen the structure of the military justice system, enhance fairness and efficiency in pretrial and trial procedures, modernize military sentencing, streamline the post-trial process and propose new offenses.

The Pentagon proposal is the first comprehensive military justice reform package submitted to Congress by the DOD in more than 30 years and includes recommendations to establish selection criteria for military judges and mandate tour lengths, expand the authority to subpoena documents during criminal investigations and replace the current sentencing standard with a system of judicial discretion that’s guided by parameters and criteria.
The recommendations also aim to streamline the post-trial process by eliminating redundant paperwork and requiring military judges to enter a judgement like federal civilian courts to mark the end of a military court…

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