From The Associated Press:

CLEVELAND (AP) — To chants of “2020, 2020,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday left open the possibility of a second White House run even as Donald Trump arrived in Cleveland to accept the GOP presidential nomination.

“I don’t know what the future is going to hold. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Cruz told his rowdy supporters, many of them cheering another bid. “But what I do know what remains unshakable is my faith in the men and women here.”

The freshman lawmaker with Texas-size political ambitions has stopped short of a full-throated endorsement of Trump, his bitter primary rival who often mocked him as “Lyin’ Ted.” Cruz was slated to deliver a prime-time convention speech, but no endorsement was expected.

At a rally with some 900 delegates, donors, GOP officials and supporters at a lakeside restaurant, Cruz never mentioned Trump’s name during an appearance billed as a “thank you” event for supporters.

“Our party now has a nominee,” Cruz said Wednesday, just as Trump’s plane flew overhead. The senator laughed and said wryly: “That was pretty well-orchestrated.”

With an eye toward 2020, Cruz’s team drafted a convention speech focusing on adherence to the Constitution, a calling card for conservatives and a perceived contrast with Trump.

Far from a Trump endorsement, Cruz said he and his followers had the duty “to follow our conscience.” And he defined party unity on his terms: “To unite behind liberty and for us to empower the grassroots.”

If their reaction to Trump’s jet landing is any indication, unity will be a difficult task. The crowd booed loudly as the aircraft emblazoned with “TRUMP,” descended over the Cleveland skyline.

Many of Cruz’s supporters from around the …

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