NEW YORK – Students across America could soon get the left’s take on the Black Lives Matter movement courtesy of a new Common Core aligned textbook.

“Black Lives Matter (Special Reports)” details “the shootings that touched off passionate protests, the work of activists to bring about a more just legal system, and the tensions in US society that these events have brought to light,” according to publisher ABDO, Fox News Insider reports.

“Black Lives Matter (Special Reports)” is co-authored by black feminism professor Duchess Harris of Minnesota’s Macalester College, and Sue Bradford Edwards, a freelance “writer, blogger, explorer extraordinaire,” according to her website.

The Black Lives Matter book is geared toward sixth through 12th grade students and was recently featured on Fox & Friends Weekend, where black lawyer and writer Larry Elder explained why he believes it’s a pile of garbage.

“It’s indoctrinating young kids, teaching them that black people are victims and, by the way, you, as white people, ought to feel really, really guilty about it,” Elder said, according to “Nevermind the election, and re-election of a black president.”

It’s unclear what lessons are included in the book, but its description gives the sense it won’t be the hard facts about how black criminals have put themselves in situations that ended their life at the hands of white police officers.

Judging by the publishing schedule, it also seems unlikely the book will include recent antics by Black Lives Protestors at political rallies, where the movement’s…

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