From Blacklistednews:

“The bad guy is not going to break into the car and be able to take that item. It inconveniences the person to come down and pick up the property,” the lieutenant said.

 If your computer is missing from your unlocked car, it may not be an opportunistic thief who snatched it.

That important electronic device could be in the New Haven police property room, retrieved by your local walking beat officer.

Stymied as to what to do to get residents to take seriously repeated police warnings to lock their vehicles and not leave valuables in them, Lt. Herbert Sharp said they are going to try something new in his policing district.

Sharp, manager for the East Rock neighborhood, said confiscating goods that are invitations to thieves is one of the six exceptions in Connecticut law to the requirement for a search warrant.“It’s called a caretaker,” he said of the initiative he wants to implement this month.

“When it comes to a car, if there is something in plain view that is of value, and the car is unlocked, law enforcement can go into the car and retrieve that item and take it into the property (room) and place it where it is safe,” Sharp told residents at the most recent meeting of the East Rock Management Team.

He said this is the time of year for increased car break-ins and packages stolen from porches. Sharp said they had eight car break-ins in East Rock in a week.

Sharp said…

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