From EAG News:

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A former University of Missouri graduate teaching assistant was arrested on felony child abuse charges for allegedly dragging a female relative by her hair and slapping her face for not wearing a hijab.

Youssif Omar, 53, was at Columbia’s Hickman High School around 3 p.m. last Tuesday when he allegedly noticed a 14-year-old female relative was not wearing the Muslim head scarf and took matters into his own hands, the Columbia Daily Tribune reports.

Several news sites reported Omar is a professor at the University of Missouri, and he describes himself as an assistant professor at the school on his LinkedIn page, but university officials tweeted a clarification Sunday in response to a New York Daily News report.

“Mr. Omar is not employed at Mizzou,” according to the message from the university’s official Twitter page. “He was formerly a graduate student with an assistantship. Job ended in July.”

Columbia police arrested Omar at his home in Columbia Wednesday evening. He later posted a $4,500 bond and was released.

Columbia police contend Omar became irate when he witnessed his young relative without her hijab and grabbed her “very violently by the hair” and pulled her down a flight of stairs. A teacher who witnessed the incident told police Omar slapped the girl in the face and pulled her into his car by the hair, KRGC reports.

Omar’s now defunct Facebook page showed he is married and lives in Columbia, though he’s originally from Benghazi, Libya,…

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