From SOTT:

Remember that poor sea turtle who was trapped in a six-pack ring and had its shell growing around it for years, which gave her an odd peanut shape?

This is one of the millions of sad examples of what plastic pollution is doing to the marine ecosystems.

According to the estimates, this pollution harms approximately 1 million ocean animals each year, including 100,000 sea turtles and marine mammals.

However, we still have a reason to hope for the better as there are people who want to do something about it and figure out the ways to help prevent and remove plastic pollution. Thus, Florida-based Saltwater Brewery together with ad agency We Believers has designed edible six-pack rings aimed to feed marine animals instead of strangling them.

The brewery claims that it now wants to replace all of its six-pack rings with the edible ones, which is about 400,000 cans per month. A mass-produced batch is expected to cost from 10 to 15 cents per unit, which is a bit more expensive than conventional six-pack rings.

Despite this, Saltwater Brewery is quite optimistic and hopes to encourage other beer producers to adopt the idea of edible beer packages. If more breweries follow their example, they say, the edible six-pack rings could be as cheap as the regular ones.

If most craft breweries and big beer companies implement this technology, the manufacturing cost will drop and be very competitive compared with the current plastic solution, while saving hundreds of thousands of marine lives,” We Believers co-founder Gustavo…

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