From EAG News:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Someone should poll the residents in the Columbus school district, and ask if they are comfortable with the fact that 69 school employees, mostly administrators, made at least $100,000 per year in the 2014-15 school year.

Their combined salaries for the year came to about $7.8 million.

Chances are residents would not be impressed, especially if they knew that nearly half of those officials had been in place for at least the previous five years or so, when district operations seemed to sink to a new low.

Just a partial retracing of the school district’s missteps is long and troubling.

In June 2012 it was revealed that many Columbus school administrators had falsified student grade and attendance records, so the schools could get better grades on their state report card.

A few years later more than 600 employees at nine schools, including more than 400 teachers, were ordered to repay bonuses they received due to the manipulated test scores, even though the cheating was largely perpetuated by principals and other administrators, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Only 24 principals and assistant principals were asked to repay their bonuses.

Amazingly, by the fall of 2013, the Dispatch reported that most of the administrators implicated in the scandal were still employed by the district.

In 2014, a state audit revealed that Columbus schools were still making significant errors in tracking and recording student attendance, resulting in faulty figures being reported to the state, according to the Dispatch.

In November 2013,…

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