From EAG News:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Did Colorado College violate a student’s First Amendment right to free speech when it suspended him for six months for stating online that he doesn’t find black women attractive?

We may never know, unless the student who was suspended takes legal action, and there has been no report of any such filing.

But some free speech advocates would probably urge him to do so.

On Nov. 9, an untold number of Colorado College students engaged in a Yik Yaks social media conversation regarding the topic “black lives matter,” according to a report from

What was supposed to be a serious discussion reportedly turned raunchy and over-the-top, with a number of participants posting distasteful comments.

For instance, student Thaddeus Pryor said the conversation included a post describing white males as “dirty hippies” with undersized sexual organs who have sexual relations with relatives.

At one point the topic changed to “black women matter,” to which Pryor anonymously replied, “They matter, they’re just not hot.”

The next day several quotes from the online conversation – including Pryor’s remark about black women – were reproduced on full-sized banners and hung in the Student Center near a dean’s office, reported.

The next thing he knew, Pryor was brought before a disciplinary panel, and learned he had been accused by rumor of being the author of most of the controversial posts in the conversation, the news site reported.

Pryor admitted to writing the statement about black women, but denied writing…

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