From The Anti-Media:

Josh Mur
August 12, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) The medicinal benefits of cannabis used to inspire heated debate—used to. With ongoing discoveries and successful treatments, denying the efficacy of cannabis treatment is no longer a matter of opinion, but rather, a complete fallacy. Around 100 years of propaganda, fear-mongering, and criminalization has attempted to not only discredit the plant’s medicinal value, but to portray the virtually harmless flower as dangerous, as well.

Thankfully, those days of irrational fear and denial are slowly coming to an end. In fact, the steady shift in the general public’s perspective on cannabis has been significant enough for a growing number of parents to consider cannabis oil as a viable option to treat their sick children. Such is the case with Bella Chinonis.

Bella is a six-year-old girl from Michigan who suffers from a rare condition called 1p36 Deletion Syndrome—a disease that can lead to a series of very serious health issues including inhibited speech abilities, developmental delays, and chronic seizures. In addition to dealing with her rare disease, Bella also struggles with kidney failure, several holes in her heart, and until just a few months ago, she was unable to walk.

After several pharmaceutical treatments failed and she was denied a medical cannabis prescription from her neurologist, Bella’s parents sought help from doctors in Texas and Detroit that were actually willing to help. As one may have guessed, this was not an easy task. In the state of Michigan, it is policy that any patients under the…

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