Noam Chomsky Delivering a Lecture

From Politico:

President Barack Obama is “an opportunist,” and a Hillary Clinton presidency would offer pretty much the same thing, “only more militant,” said Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s most prominent public leftist intellectuals, in an interview with conservative website WND.

Chomsky, assessing Obama’s performance, said he is not disappointed by the president because he “didn’t expect anything.”

“Not disappointed by the president because he didn’t expect anything”

“So, I’m not one of those who was disillusioned,” he said in the interview from his office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

“I wrote about him before the primaries in 2008, simply using his Web page — the way he was presenting himself — and he seemed to me like an opportunist,” he added.

Chomsky also railed against the American health care system, calling the Affordable Care Act “a small step” forward, voicing support for a nationalized, government-paid system.

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