From EAG News:

CHICAGO – A Chicago Public Schools math teacher and chess coach who refused to ditch his students for a one-day union strike is also refusing to attend a hearing to expel him from the union for crossing the picket line.

Earle STEM Academy math teacher Joseph Ocol would rather attend chess practice with his team after school June 6 than at a Chicago Teachers Union hearing to expel him from the union, DNAinfo reports.

He said he skipped the union-organized teachers strike on April 1 because he was busy teaching students.

“I do not wish to be absent because I have always promised the kids that I shall always try to be with them after school even if I do not get paid,” Ocol wrote in a letter explaining why he won’t attend the CTU hearing.

CTU spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin said the union is giving Ocol an ultimatum: either forfeit the money he earned while his colleagues walked out on students, or he’s out.

“A strike breaker will be given the option to pay a fine equal to the member’s net earnings while working in order to be reinstated, if they so choose,” Gadlin told DNAinfo in an email. “If they choose not to pay the fine they will be expelled from the Union.”

Teachers in Chicago who are not union members must still pay the CTU a “fair share” fee for “collective bargaining services,” whether they want the services or not, but they do not receive the same benefits…

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