From EAG News:

SPRINGBORO, Ohio – A recent Ohio high school graduate faces multiple drug charges for allegedly doling out pot brownies to classmates and at least one teacher this spring.

Police tests reportedly confirmed traces of marijuana in brownies confiscated from 19-year-old Edward Goschinski III when he allegedly brought them to school and distributed them to classmates April 10, reports.

School officials suspended five students in the ordeal – Goschinski and four classmates who ate the brownies – before contacting police and turning over the confiscated leftovers. At least one teacher also received and ate a brownie, though it’s unclear whether the teacher knew its contents or what, if any, punishment the teacher faced.

“The teacher bit into it right away and knew they weren’t regular brownies,” Warren County prosecutor David Fornshell told the Journal-News.

Fornshell said police searched Goschinski’s locker after the incident was reported and recovered a stash of brownies. The student was initially suspended and sent home with his parents, but was allowed to graduate with his class, reports.

WHIO reports Goschinski allegedly brought in about a dozen brownies in total, for no particular reason.

“We do not permit drugs of any sort in our high schools, and anyone who chooses to bring those into school will be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” Springboro schools superintendent Todd Petrey told the news station when the brownies were discovered in April.

Court records alleges Goschinski confessed to preparing and distributing the treats. He faces first-degree felony charges…

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