From Open Secrets:

No one in the House leadership race right now can touch soon-to-be-former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) when it comes to career fundraising prowess, but speaker candidate and current Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has also been magnanimous when it comes to giving back to the team.

Over his career, Boehner gave a generous 42 percent of his total $97 million raised, through his campaign and leadership PAC, to fellow Republican candidates and his party. McCarthy — in office since 2006 — has shared 34 percent of $25.5 million raised. Both McCarthy’s total fundraising figure and the percentage he’s contributed far exceed his declared opponent’s numbers: Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.), who’s been in Congress since 2011 and is pitching himself as the more conservative candidate, has raised $5 million and directed just $120,000 of that to his colleagues’ campaigns.

All this generosity is not purely altruistic, of course. Spreading the wealth is a time-honored way for ambitious pols to build support as they climb their way up the ladder, and do their best to stay there.

McCarthy’s biggest career benefactors have been a PAC and four corporations, Center for Responsive Politics data shows. Since 2005, McCarthy has raised $92,250 from Votesane PAC, a Republican-leaning bipartisan committee that serves as a pass-through for individual donations to committees.

Major businesses round out McCarthy’s top five fundraising sources. The employees and PACs of two major securities and investment companies, Goldman Sachs and Zurich Financial Services, gave the prospective speaker $87,650 and $85,750 respectively. Blue Cross/Blue Shield gave $84,869 and Chevron Corp gave $84,100.


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